This Winter In Riviera Maya


Consistently ranked as one of the top destinations for travelers worldwide, Riviera Maya in the state of Quintana Roo is truly a wonderful creation of nature. The beauty, diversity and ease of travel make it a destination frequented by vacationers. The archeological sites, festivals, villages, biodiversity, outdoor adventures, accommodations, cuisine and cultures of the region have been appealing the globe immensely.

Being the cradle of Mayan culture, Riviera Maya real estate region is undoubtedly the best place for exploration and immersion in it. Maya history begins with the Pre-Classic Period from 2000 BC – 250 AD. The Classic Period, 250- 900 AD, represents the apex of Maya civilization, marked by construction of large temples and the development of the only written language to be created in the Pre-Columbian Americas.

Xcaret, an eco-archeological park in the Riviera Maya offers the perfect opportunity to explore the region and culture. With underground rivers, a rotating scenic tower, marine turtle area, Jaguar Island, coral reef aquarium, as well as cultural exhibitions it is a great centre for learning as well as entertainment. Visitors can stroll around the St. Francis of Assis Chapel, Mayan archeological sites, a Mexican Village and Cemetery. The park also organizes cultural exhibits, programs, shows and events on a regular basis. History is interpreted in the Xcaret Night Show through music, dance and drama. These performances are made by more than 300 artists.

Riviera Maya is also a bio-diversified region hence making it committed to sustainable and ecotourism. Such responsible tourism has been beneficial in boosting the local economy. It is a region that is filled with adventures and fun options that create memories for a lifetime. The destination is both unique and affordable as numerous options in terms of entertainment and living are available. It is also easily accessible as numerous airline companies fly to this world renowned destination.  It is a favorite among those who wish to leave the cold behind and soak up the warm Mexican sun. In all Riviera Maya is a great destination with all the flavors of the country.

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