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Christmas in Mexico – Feliz Navidad!!


Christmas is a 48 days celebration in Mexico. It begins on December 16 with the posadas procession and continues till Candlemas on 2nd February. The celebrations in Mexico are very different from the entire world as they celebrate the festival for the longest duration. Mexican traditions are influenced by the Latin American culture.

And know that I’m with you always; yes, till the end of time – Jesus Christ.

The posadas are the main tradition of the Mexicans, they were earlier as a form of entertainment and are now have become a ritual. Kids or even family members enact the legend of birth of Jesus Christ. They dress up like pilgrims and carry idols of Mother Mary and Joseph. They knock at every house and ask for a shelter. They keep moving to and fro until someone finally allows them in. The posadas continue every day until the Christmas Eve ‘nochebeauna’. On The Christmas Eve the entire sky lights up with fireworks. People make artworks and keep candles inside of them and decorate their houses with it. Special decoration done in Mexico is making the piñatas stars. They have seven pointed tips and inside them confetti and candies are filled. Children using sticks break open the arms and grab the candies.

Every house there is a scenario of the Bethlehem Stable and The Three Kings, Shepherds and women working in a small replica. People eat circular ring shaped cakes on the Christmas Eve and a baby shaped item is inserted in it. Anyone who gets the baby in his or her slice is considered blessed. The Christmas meal has beuritos, salsa, puddings, tortillas and tamales. A special drink made of honey and dry fruits is served ponche con piquet.

The Mexican traditions are ab nitio creations. They have formed their own methods of celebrating the festival. After all Christmas allows everyone to celebrate and indulge in merry making the way they like – in the Church or under the Mistletoe!! 😉

Carols are the major part of any Christmas celebration. Mexican posadas are all about carol singing. People sing carols meaning that “Oh!! people inside the house we are tired pilgrims let us in” which is replied that “no we can’t allow you” until the last house door is knocked where the idols are placed. Then a thanksgiving prayer is done and the people proceed for the mid – night mass.

A very unique attribute is that Mexico has a warm pleasant weather during Christmas time and hence there is no snow. Christmas trees also don’t grow in that season and have now started becoming a trend in the Country. People go out shopping and enjoy buying presents for their family and friends. They also wish each other with Christmas messages.

The celebrations continue till The Candlemas Day on 2nd February. On this day people dress in their tuxedos and ladies in their most traditional gowns and they carry Jesus images to the Church. The people who had allowed the posadas presenters in their homes sell some sweets and cakes which are bought by the people.

The celebrations end after a long merry – making season!!

This Winter In Riviera Maya


Consistently ranked as one of the top destinations for travelers worldwide, Riviera Maya in the state of Quintana Roo is truly a wonderful creation of nature. The beauty, diversity and ease of travel make it a destination frequented by vacationers. The archeological sites, festivals, villages, biodiversity, outdoor adventures, accommodations, cuisine and cultures of the region have been appealing the globe immensely.

Being the cradle of Mayan culture, Riviera Maya real estate region is undoubtedly the best place for exploration and immersion in it. Maya history begins with the Pre-Classic Period from 2000 BC – 250 AD. The Classic Period, 250- 900 AD, represents the apex of Maya civilization, marked by construction of large temples and the development of the only written language to be created in the Pre-Columbian Americas.

Xcaret, an eco-archeological park in the Riviera Maya offers the perfect opportunity to explore the region and culture. With underground rivers, a rotating scenic tower, marine turtle area, Jaguar Island, coral reef aquarium, as well as cultural exhibitions it is a great centre for learning as well as entertainment. Visitors can stroll around the St. Francis of Assis Chapel, Mayan archeological sites, a Mexican Village and Cemetery. The park also organizes cultural exhibits, programs, shows and events on a regular basis. History is interpreted in the Xcaret Night Show through music, dance and drama. These performances are made by more than 300 artists.

Riviera Maya is also a bio-diversified region hence making it committed to sustainable and ecotourism. Such responsible tourism has been beneficial in boosting the local economy. It is a region that is filled with adventures and fun options that create memories for a lifetime. The destination is both unique and affordable as numerous options in terms of entertainment and living are available. It is also easily accessible as numerous airline companies fly to this world renowned destination.  It is a favorite among those who wish to leave the cold behind and soak up the warm Mexican sun. In all Riviera Maya is a great destination with all the flavors of the country.