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I somehow have an idea that sports fans cannot think of much besides planning a trip to a sports destination. Refreshments generally refer to some of the incredible sports events. This is actually soothing to the mind. The effect it causes to the normal is beneficial. Sports lovers have a healthy way of thinking and accepting challenges.

Anyway, without going much into it we will quickly jot down some of such destinations.

For the sake of football..

  1. The FIFA World Cup:
  2. The Olympic Soccer
  3. UEFA European Championship
  4. UEFA Champions League
  5. Cope America
  6. Africa Cup of Nations
  7. FIFA Confederations Cup
  8. Copa del Rey
  9. OFC Champions League
  10. Viva World Cup

To the Cricket lovers.

  1. Women’s  world cup
  2. ICC Champion’s trophy
  3. ICC world T20
  4. Ashes series
  5. World Test Championship
  6. Commonwealth Bank Series
  7. Asia Cup
  8. NatWat Series
  9. Indian premier league
  10. ICC world cup

Top swimming events in the world:

  1. Olympics
  2. World Championships
  3. World cup
  4. Asian Swimming Championship
  5. South Asian Games
  6. European Aquatics Championships
  7. Asian Age Group Swimming Championships
  8. United States Swimming National Championships
  9. Swedish swimming Championships
  10. Irish Open Short Course Swimming Championship

Top tennis events.

  1. Boodles Challenge
  2. ECC Anterp
  3. French Open at Roland Garros
  4. Australian Open
  5. ATP World Tours Final
  6. Davis Cup
  7. Fed Cup
  8. Olympic Games
  9. US Open at Arthur Ashe Stadium
  10. Miami Cup

Top hockey leagues across the world.

  1. National Hockey league
  2. American Hockey League
  3. Swedish Hockey League
  4. Ontario Hockey League
  5. Canadian Hockey league
  6. Western Hockey League
  7. Hockey Europe
  8. Austrian Hockey League
  9. United States Hockey League
  10. Ice Hockey World Championship


There are several other sports all over the world with a huge number of events arranged under every head. This is not only zealous but it is a mode of entertainment for all sports lovers.

While on a trip with families to such events, it is also important to add a flavour to such trips; as it might become monotonous otherwise. Do not forget to check out on the best food and restaurants of different places. Also, sight-seeing across the place is a must.




Travelling with a group of friends can be really exciting. Such trips are mostly adventurous and zealous at the same time.

There are different types of groups depending on their favourites. Some of such flavours are:

  1. Photography
  2. Cuisines
  3. Culture
  4. Archaeology
  5. Botany
  6. Geography
  7. Music

And many more.


In this article we are discussing all those types of trips that are generally preferred by groups.


  • Trekking: Trekking refers the long journeys on foot. They are usually planned through some wild and challenging ways. They are inclusive of walking up a wild mountain. They contain lots of risk factors. Trekkers need to have good knowledge about the location and the living organisms inhabiting the place. They build a temporary tent on their paths to rest during the nights. Every such group finds bliss amidst the wild nature. They have moments of bonfire and musical jam sessions. There are certain organisations that plan these trips and offer proper guides in the places. Some of such locations are:


  1. Inca Trail in Peru
  2. The Ansacocha Trail in Peru
  3. Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa
  4. Kungsleden in Sweden
  5. Pacific Crest Trail in California, United States
  6. Scottish National Trail, United Kingdom
  7. Roopkund Trek, Uttarkhand
  8. Chadar Trek, Ladakh
  9. Himalayas.
  10. Kedarkanta Trek, Uttarkhand


  • Paths that are less travelled by: These places include some beautiful geographic locations that we might have studied in our geography and history books. We love to explore anything new. Some of such Indian destinations might include:


  1. The Rann of Kutch in the western end of Gujarat.
  2. The longest and deepest caves of the world, located in Meghalaya offer some exclusive views for having various traps of forest hill caves.
  3. The Sundarbans in West Bengal. This is not only a forest along the Ganges-Brahmaputra Delta, but it also takes us closer to all its inhabitants starting from the tigers to crocodiles to the birds and fishes. Even the honeybees of this place are always busy gathering more nectar.
  4. The Thar desert. A journey to this place can actually make the pages of our books alive and all those tales might become true for a while. It also supports an exquisite amount of species that have adjusted themselves to the fragile conditions of the ecosystem of the place.
  5. The Western Ghats and the Eastern Ghats offer mesmerising scenic beauty.
  6. The various Biodiversity hot spots make travellers meet new species and organisms. This is all about learning more about nature.


  • Beaches: We think of beaches whenever the party mood strikes. Not only this, if it’s only about planning a weekend of relaxation, we would rather prefer a nearby beach than long tour to a distant land. Beaches are refreshing and soothing. They are so much fun. We can easily plan a bonfire night somewhere near the shore. Some of such famous locations in India are:


  1. Mandarmani
  2. Goa
  3. Digha and probably a lot more.




Imagine a situation when there are back to back work schedules from one place to another and absolutely no time to rest. So, all those refreshments are reserved for the journeys. We can even plan a date or a group party. I’d prefer cruises for such unplanned holidays. They are an absolute bliss!

The first country that strikes my mind on an idea of boarding the best cruise would probably be Dubai.


Cruises from Dubai flaunt an exquisite luxury. Riches amidst the beauty of nature make it a wonderful combination. The lightings and the technology makes me think of even better adjectives.  Some of their cruises are:

  1. Seabourn Europe
  2. Nautica
  3. Azamara Journey
  4. Seven Seas Voyager
  5. Star Legend
  6. Crystal Symphony
  7. Silver Spirit
  8. Costa Mediterranea


There are all names of luxury cruises that offer countless beautiful memories through the trip. They are different from each other in their interiors, cuisines and culture.


Cruise Destinations in India

You haven’t really experienced a cruise holiday until the Indian destinations have been planned. India is a country of diverse culture and rich heritage. The cruises are luxurious and the water bodies make us feel at heaven. Here is a list of some of the famous Cruises in India.

  1. Glass Bottom Cruise: As prominent from its name, the bottom having made of glass offer spectacular views of the corals amidst the waves and it’s so much thrilling. This is one of the most wonderful cruise holidays that one can experience in the Andaman Islands in India.
  2. The Chilka Lake Cruise: This is a soothing holiday amidst the silence of nature with the sounds of The Bay of Bengal interrupting. The Beaches it comes across spots dolphins and various other beautiful birds and fishes.
  3. The Golden Triangle Cruise: This is the most luxurious and enthralling journey one can have on the way to Kolkata from New Delhi. The trip goes along various sacred heritage sites and the nights on the Ganges are worth experiencing. The accommodation consisting of rooms, dining, foods and hospitality is served by the Oberoi Hotels.
  4. Brahmaputra River Cruise: India is all about the sacred atmosphere. It stiches the soul to the bliss of nature. A journey on this Almighty river is one of the incredible journeys a traveller can have. The views are much more luxurious to the eyes. The countryside, the rural hubs followed by the inhabitants of the water body makes this trip a memorable one.

Some of the world’s best cruise holidays are:


  • Classic Nile: The Classic Nile is cruising in the Middle East. These are a highly luxurious range of ships. However, it is sad that the economy of the company is under pressure due to lack of visitors.
  • Adventures in Antarctica: This idea is exciting in itself. Sailing across the chilly ice zones and meeting some new species is adventurous; more so, because we are getting closer to the polar region.  



Top 6 Adventure Destinations Worldwide

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Why waste your time on the lonely beaches doing nothing , make this vacation memorable by going out on an adventure! Adventure doesn’t really mean risking your life or working hard as an athlete in order to have fun. Adventure is all about having a once in a lifetime experience of craziness!

Here is a list of locations which will bring out the best in you:

  1. Central America:From Honduras to Guatemala,  from Nicaragua to Costa Rica, this part of the world is a hot bed for adventure lovers. Go on a volcanic trial along the active volcanos of Guatemala or explore the unknown in Honduras. Central America offers the travellers to take the road less traveled by and explore the beautiful and mysterious rainforests.Beautiful beaches with amazing surf spots awaits you. Create beautiful memories as you surf the waves at Boca Barranca in Costa Rica!
  2. Nepal :Nepal, being the home of the great Mount Everest and the Himalayas has many spots for adventures and exploration. People planning to visit this Himalayan kingdom can indulge in white water rafting. Rivers emerging out of snow clad mountains provide for some of the best spots of kayaking and rafting. Being at the foot of the hill, it also offers beautiful treks and rock climbing experience. It is every climbers dream to be at the summit of the great Everest. Remember, you must consider your expectations and fitness level while selecting your adventure tour.
  3. Dubai:Dubai and its man made skyline makes everyone jaw drop by its beauty and magnificence . But there is an even better way to admire this middle eastern gem and that is by free falling down from a plane from thousands of feet above the ground!Skydiving has become one of the major adventure activity in Dubai and attracts lots of tourists. You are in for an epic adrenaline rush. Camping in the vast and sacred desert of Dubai is also a blissful experience.

    Being a desert it has abundance of sand dunes and gravel plains which are best suited for off- roading. Hiking and kite surfing spots are also available here.

  4. Australia:Australia is a big country, there are so many things to do and to see in this vast country. The great barrier reef is located off the coast of Queensland in north-eastern Australia can be seen even from the space, but why go so far? Australia offers you an opportunity to go diving into the ocean and have a first hand experience of the great reef. Scuba diving in the crystal clear waters and exploring the abundant marine life is once in a lifetime experience one should not miss. The famous golden sands of the gold coast and the beauty of the Bondie beach attracts surfers from across the globe!Off riding and exploring the wild west is a good option too!
  5. France:France , the country that mostly rhymes  with romance and food , is also a base for various adventure activities.Go for an adrenaline rush as you take a canyon jumping adventure over the bourne gorges. One of the most extreme adventure activity in the world is not fit for the faint hearted.

    France is home to the beautiful Alps mountain range , Skiing on the white snowclad mountains is a perfect way to relax. Going on a biking trip with your companions and exploring the countryside as you cycle across this soulful country is a wonderful experience , no wonder Tour de France is so popular!

  6. New Zealand :This island nation in the Pacific ocean  is a wonderful place to be in if adventure travel and exploration  are your cup of tea . New Zealand helps in creating memories like no other country. Adventure sports are available in abundance here. It is believed that organised commercial bungee jumping originated here in these parts. This country is also inhabited by various caving sites where tourists can explore the ancient caves carved inside majestic mountains. Off road driving , skydiving, rafting and jet boating are some of the adventure activities you can indulge in whenever you visit New Zealand.

Top 5 Animal Lover’s Destinations

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Its common knowledge that Earth is not just our own. We share it with the other feathery and furry creatures. When it comes to loving animals you can start from your home. Feeding the ones that rot in the corners of your street. If want to take it a bit further and come in more contact with nature, visit the following places:

  1. Tropical Wildlife in Costa Rica:
    Costa Rica has been blessed with biodiversity. Any animal lover who is keen to meet monkeys, iguanas, toucans, sloths, butterflies and hummingbirds can do so by coming down here. After a tiring day, you can go and relax at volcano Arenal. Tabacon Hot Springs are present at the base. You would love to hop from one pool to another!
  2. Gorilla Trekking In Rwanda and Uganda:
    Gorilla trekking turns out to be a life changing experience for certain people. It’s either because of the grace of the gorillas combined with their wild outlook or their closeness to human beings. For your gorilla safaris, you can go to Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable Forest or to Rwanda’s Virunga Mountains. Read more here
  3. A Big Five safari in Africa:
    Africa is definitely a gem of a continent.It’s a home to white rhinos, hippos, giraffes, zebras, wildebeasts and many monkeys. You can quench your need for animals by visiting this place and watching the beautiful ostriches galloping and the big five. (lion, elephant, buffalo, leopard, black rhino) It’s so thrilling to see the big five alive and respiring in front of you. This place is no less than an animal paradise.
  4. Invernesshire golden retriever festival, Scotland:
    The Guisachan gathering or the golden retriever festival as it is better known as is a festival of love, festival of furrrr and a festival of wagging tail. Held annually in invernsshire , Scotland where the golden retriever breed is believed to have originated.It is a must for all the dog lovers out there as you get to eat, sleep, dance and play with nearly 300 of man’s best friend. What could be a perfect way to spend a day than with happy faces ,wagging tails and soft and shiny fur all around!
  5. Thailand:
    One must visit northern Thailand and meet the majestic Asiatic elephants at the Elephant nature park in Chang Mai. You get a chance to get up close and personal with the beautiful giants , you get the opportunity to bathe them and feed them their favourite delicacies and maybe have a ride on one of them. Elephant nature park offers volunteer program which ranges from one to four weeks under which volunteers can do their bit to make a better environment for these animals. Bathing, playing , feeding the elephants can be done here,  volunteers can also  help in rainforest restoration by planting trees and plants. Apart from elephants the shelter also works as a rescue shelter for dogs, pigs, buffaloes and other animals.
  6. South Africa:
    Africa is synonymous with the Wild! Home to the world’s most fierce and wild animals , from zebra to giraffe to the big cat family of lions and tigers. This country has it all. Take a guided tour of the wildlife century and experience the journey of a lifetime. Get lost in the sacred jungles and explore the world of your favourite animals. South Africa also has many animal rehabilitation and care centres for animals for where you can get up close with some of the fiercest of animals. Africa is a wonderful journey of wild, love , beauty and beast!