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Five Most Visited States In The United States

United States

The perk of my previous job was that I was able to not just visit but travel USA extensively. I have traveled so much that I am jokingly referred to as Guide Gunthrey. I know all the states and their capitals and probably their populations too 😛

There are fifty states in the United States of America. These states are bound in union with each other. Among them there are several states which are most visited by travelers every year. In this article there are top five most visited states in the United States.


1. New Jersey

New Jersey is a northeastern U.S. state. New Jersey managed to be in the top 10 of most visited states and enjoy an 8% surge in international visitors since 2012 despite not having a single city among the top 20 most visited American cities. The question is what is bringing in so many foreign travelers to this place. Well, the answer is New York. The Newark airport is one of New York City’s three airports and the state’s close proximity to New York City, with its huge amount of visitors, has made New Jersey a popular place for all.


2. Massachusetts

Also known as the Bay State, It is home to the Museum of Fine Arts and other notable institutions. Boston, however, still receives more visitors than any city in Texas, as it’s the chief entry point for most visitors to Massachusetts and a world leader in higher education. Massachusetts has contributed to American arts and culture a lot. To see these, visitors from all over the world come to Massachusetts.


3. Illinois

Ilinois is a Midwestern state bordering Indiana in the east and the Mississippi river in the west. It is famous for its skyscrapers. Each year 1.378 million international visitors travel to Chicago to discover America’s second city, which is known for its deep-dish pizza, blues bars, sports teams, unique architecture and laid-back attitude. This place is marked by farmlands, forests, hills and wetlands. A beautiful place indeed!


4. Texas

Texas has surpassed both Illinois and Massachusetts to become the sixth most visited state in the United States. Texas is derived from the word “Tejas” which means “friends” in the Caddo language. It has more than 1.57 million visitors. Texas received 17% more international visitors in 2013 than it did in 2012, which is one of the largest increases of any state. Houston and Dallas are the state’s most visited cities. Houston is its biggest city. Texas is the second largest state in the U.S by both area and population.


5. Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania, named by Governor William Penn after his arrival in the New World in 1682, is a diverse destination that has a number of beautiful cities, like Philadelphia, a central location on the Eastern Seaboard and some rural places like the Pennsylvania Dutch Country or the Pocono Mountains. The number of international visitors is increasing day by day thus making it a popular destination. Tourists are drawn to this place by its monuments to America’s revolutionary history, including Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell.

If you are planning to visit the U.S., you can go to any one of the above places first. These states are known for its beauty and infrastructure as well as art and culture.


My Personal Travel Guide To Goa


As you may know, I have moved to India for some years (read about my adventure in Nubra). Earlier I had spent 5 years in Playa del Carmen also. So I guess, beach and sun are what my body and soul agrees to. Here is a brief article which sums up almost everything about Goa and draws heavily from my feedback and experiences bitter and sweet.

Are you planning to go to a sea beach? Is Goa there in your list? Then read this article and get to know big as well as small bits and pieces which will help you a lot to travel smoothly. Make your own plan soon.


Where Shall You Stay


This hotel is unique in its own way. There are seven well-decorated rooms designed with unique Portuguese and and contemporary interiors which are named after the seven days of the week. It is only an hour or forty minutes drive from Goa, Dabolim International Airport. You will get everything which you need along with a good restaurant and a bar too!


It is just over an hour’s drive north from Dabolim International Airport lies the island of Corjuem, created by the meandering Mapusa River; on it. In several acres of tropical gardens, is this retreat. The rooms are well-furnished and comfortable. The surrounding is too good for the eyes and your mind if you are in search of peace and beauty at the same time. Your stay in this guest house will definitely be memorable and satisfactory.


The resort has a radical design: a series of cobbled passages lead inwards from the modern, monochromatic, beautiful rooms and suites to a central village square, where there is an extensive outdoor seating area linking several restaurants. The spa over here is quite soothing. It will help you to relax.

The Best Time To Go To Goa


Are you planning to go to Goa? The west coast of India is hot and humid all year, but from November to March it becomes quite bearable and sunny. Please avoid the monsoon season from May to September. Go during the best months – December to February – instead. The climatic conditions during these months are quite suitable.

How To Reach Here


Goa’s airport is at Dabolim, 29km from the capital Panaji, on the coast near Vasco da Gama.

Currently only charter flights go directly to Goa from the UK: Thomas Cook flies from London and Manchester to Goa.

You can also fly to Mumbai from where it is a one-hour flight to Goa. Several flights are available like Kingfisher Airlines, Air India etc. You just need to choose the one which is best suited for you.


My Last Summer Vacation To Nubra Valley, India


About Nubra Valley

Local communities once prospered on an extraordinary trans-Himalayan trade which originated with the Silk Road. It comprises of huge mountains, deep valleys and vast uninhabited hinterlands, most of Ladakh’s boundaries may look almost impenetrable on a map. But,  for centuries great caravans of wool and cloth, opium, spices and skins, coral and turquoise, gold and indigo negotiated several routes and their hazardous passes mainly between Leh and Yarkand (in China). The already withering trade finally died in the late 1950s when China largely sealed its borders.

The low key tourism in Nubra did not allow it to prosper but as the numbers of tourists visiting Ladakh increased each year, they got more tempted to go the extra mile and come here.


What is more relevant to today’s visitor is the journey to Nubra. It is claimed to be the world’s highest motorable road.

All Nubra’s settlements have a fairly large home and a barley build for their cultivation. It is a remote village. A couple of ancient Buddhist monasteries can be found here.


Places of Interest

Diskit has become Nubra’s commercial centre, but it is still a small place. The main attraction here is DIKSIT GOMPA, or monastery, perched high above town on a craggy spur. You can drive up here but it’s a joy to walk among the mani walls (elongated, almost artfully arranged mounds of stones engraved with Buddhist prayers and mantras) and whitewashed chortens (dome-shaped monuments housing Buddhist relics).


There is a ruined watchtower from where you can get superb views of the Shyok Valley.

About 10km west of Diskit stands Hunder village. Camels can often be seen grazing on the dune-like landscape between the foot of the mountains and the braided Shyok River. The village is small but beautiful.

Other beautiful places are there too.

How To Reach Nubra Valley


Leh is the nearest airport. From Leh you can avail a bus or a taxi to reach Nubra Valley.


Jammu is the nearest railway station. One can board a bus or take a taxi to reach Leh. From Leh you can go to Nubra valley.


Nubra valley can be reached by road from the nearest point, that is Leh.

Where To Stay


It is a comfortable, clean and cozy hotel. Price range: Rs 2500-3000 for a double bedroom.


It has clean rooms and bathrooms with a parking space. Price range: Rs 1000-1500 for a double bedroom.


It is a nice hotel where you will get good and cheap food as well. Price range: Rs 600-900 for a double bedroom.


Small but a comfortable hotel with a reasonable cost. Parking space is also available. Price range: Rs 700-1000 for a double bedroom.

If you want to stay close with nature and experience every corner of it, then visit Nubra Valley. The beauty of this place is mesmerising and the surrounding is pleasant and peaceful.


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